MOWGLI // Cadence (Mount Kimbie Vocal Tribute – Video) 2012

Promotional video for Mowgli's 'Cadence '.

One of three ground breaking vocal tributes to seminal Mount Kimbie tracks.

These form the Mont.alk project -

Director / Editor - Benjamin Winston. -

Video Concept - Benjamin Winston / William Lynch

Music: Mount Kimbie Lyrics/Vocals: Mowgli


Scott Hinds - Charlotte Hunter

Produced by: Lynch + Leigh

Executive Producer: Mowgli

Production Manager: Filiz Theres

Art Direction and Production Design: William Lynch

Director Of Photography: Jason Hall

Colourist: Jack McGinity

Set Design: Gunter

Key Grip: Toby Summerskill Andy

Gaffer/camera assistant: Amy Wilson

Gaffer: Lefteris

Storyboard: Oliver Butcher

Costume Designer: Harold Lunde Helgesen -

Make Up and Hair: Kerry White

Hair colourist: Michelle Start

Script Supervisor: Susannah Trevelyan

Behind the scenes: Bin Kim

Additional thanks to: Leigh, Lyndsey, George, Jessy, Jimmy, Mark, Kassim,

Lyrics: Mowgli © 2012 Music: Mount Kimbie

Director / Editor - Benjamin Winston